Hors-série Twin Peaks / La Septième Obsession

Last July, I contacted Thomas Aïdan, editor in chief of the French cinema magazine La Septième Obsession to ask him if he would like to collaborate with our online conference dedicated to Twin PeaksIt is in our House now – and perhaps put together a special issue of his magazine to be published in sync with the event. He agreed to this, and we are now proud to share the result of this endeavour, coordinated by the excellent Nicolas Tellop: a beautiful special issue covering all the aspects of the series, from characters to places, examining seasons 1, 2 and 3, as well as Fire Walk with Me.

I wrote two articles for the issue: one about the importance of Egyptian mythology in Twin Peaks; the other about various cryptic references found in the 18 parts of The Return. I also interviewed David Bushman about his upcoming book Murder at Teal’s Pond dedicated to the Hazel Drew case, which inspired Mark Frost when he began his creative work on Twin Peaks.

I’m also proud to say that my wife and conference co-organiser Marisa C. Hayes is published alongside me in this issue, with a text analysing the mysterious dance of the woodsmen around Mr C’s body in part 8. I’m also very glad to be published in the same issue as Dick Tomasovic and Guy Astic, who both moderated a panel during our conference.

Here’s the whole table of contents for the issue:

So, brush up on your French, and buy a copy of the issue at the following link if you want to drink full and descend: link.

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