Getting to Jack Rabbit’s Palace – drink full and descend

Concerning the mysterious Jack Rabbit’s Palace mentioned in Major Briggs’ note, I’d like to copy a quote here by David Lynch, which I included in my post about episode 8. I believe it might be helpful to understand more about what this place is:

What is kind of incredible is that there are, like quantum physics now says, ten dimensions of space and one dimension of time – that’s what they’ve come up with. Ten dimensions of space – what does that mean? There’s a field of relativity, it has a surface, and it has depths. There are, like they say, worlds within worlds within worlds, just unbelievable stuff going on in the field of relativity. And that’s all real interesting, but as Maharishi says, that’s only the ‘market-place’. You go through the market-place, and it’s real interesting, but there are lots and lots of chances to get waylaid and even go backwards and get lost, get in trouble. Maharishi always says, capture the fort, and then all the territories are yours – so get to the palace, get to the palace – and then you own all that you survey. ‘Get to the palace’ means transcend, get to the deepest level“. (in David Lynch: Interviews).


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